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Electronic Counting & Packaging Systems

The strikingly modern and efficient design in a Delta high speed Counting System was derived from decades of experience in the Electronic Counting field. Simplicity, easy changeover, accuracy, dependability and high speed operation are the prime benefits of owning a Delta Counting System.


Model LCM22 Counter with Vibratory Hopper Feeder and Worktable

The Mini Series of DeltaCounters are designed for handling small to medium parts and batch quantities. These systems are versatile as a semiautomatic packaging station plus readily tie-in with bag forming machines or box handling conveyors.

  • Continuous hi-speed counting to 50 batches per minute

  • Truly automatic system

  • Infrared, wide beam detection for accurate counting

  • Superior design for easy operation


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Counter Model LCM22-1

Counter Model LCM22-2

The Delta Universal Hi-Speed Counting Machines feature Delta's continuous feed and batching system. This produces the highest level of speed and accuracy available in the industry. Designed for batch counts that range from 5 to 200 pieces for parts that range from 1/8" to 1/2" X 4". Low-level loaders and return-style box conveyors combine for a complete material handling system.

  • Continuous feed and batching capability

  • Hi-Speed counting to 50 batches per minute

  • Belt Type Guidance System for accuracy

  • PLC Controls for easy operator interface

  • Fiber-Optic Parts Detection

  • Optional Modem Connection for Diagnostics

  • Motorized Cabinet Lift for Easy Fill Height Changes

  • Stainless Steel construction on all contact surfaces


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Counter Model LC20-1

Counter Model LC20-2


Model LC20 Universal Counter with Low-Level Loader and Right Angle Release -Style Carton Conveyor