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Short-Run Packaging System

Model SRP1 Short-Run Packaging System

If you currently use a bench scale to package parts into boxes, bags, blisters or clamshells, the Delta SRP1 Short-Run Packaging System is made for you! This system takes the drudgery out of the hand packing process with the use of a vibratory feeder. The machine fills the next container while the operator is closing and labeling the previous container. 
  • Doubles bench scale productivity
  • Changeover in slightly more time than setting a bench scale
  • PLC Controls for easy operation
  • Handles a wide range of products from #6 x 1/4" screws to 4" long bolts, electrical connectors of most sizes, rivets, and other discretely shaped items
  • Economical price makes this system suitable for companies big and small

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Delta Short-Run Packaging System Literature

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Delta's Short-Run Packaging System

Press Release - March 2007

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Click on the thumbnails below for photos of various parts being filled into boxes, bags, and clamshells

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Fastener Technology International - Editor's choice as a Top Product of 2007


Automatic Packaging System

Complete material handling systems for Delta Models. Small to large parts in batch quantities from 25 pieces to several thousand. Decimal packages to split-keg cartons. Delta's "standard for the industry" Model LW16 offers wide versatility and ease of changeover making it the industry leader.

  • 8 to 15 packages per minute

  • Highly accurate 

  • PLC Control for easy operation

  • The ultimate machine for short and long runs with fast, accurate results

  • Handles a wide range of products and packages

Model LSW16 with Low-Level Loader and Return-Style Carton Conveyor

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Weigher Model LSW16-1

Weigher Model LSW16-2

Weigher Model LW16-1

Weigher Model LW16-2